Nothing Else Matters

Nothing Else Matters – Poetry by Shahbano Aliani.

Shaykh Ebrahim

Reclaiming the Deen with Intent

We are very fortunate, very blessed to be among people who have had to claim the Deen, because those people who have had to claim the Deen also are those people who have in a sense had to reinvent the Deen.

Shaykh Ebrahim

Everything Other Than Allah Disappoints

Every person is deeply untrustworthy. Not because you’re deliberately untrustworthy, but try the best you can, and understand that you will fail.



Destination – Poetry by Shahbano Aliani.

Shaykh Ebrahim

The Blessing Of Trauma

As we’ve understood nafs in our tradition, nafs is your individual identity. The sense that you have that you exist as a discrete, separate being. But the root condition of our individual existence – for all human beings is exactly the same.

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