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Reflection by Umm e Maham We all have a natural desire to feel joy and experience life in a positive way. We are aware that the true expression of life is love, delight and joy. Life is not about darkness, depression, disapproval and sour, stern...
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Reflection by Dawood Vally   Man imagines himself to be an existence alongside Allah, albeit by Allah’s permission. This means man has autonomous existence for a moment, with a moment having the duration of a lifetime. Herein lies the source of all angst, for this...
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Reflection by Umm e Maham Allah has created a state of separation for humans, so that they strive to find meaning and purpose, and hence serve to find true connection – love! We see the world as we are. As Shaykh Ebrahim discusses, Allah says...
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Reflection by Nick Hobbs What we are engaged in, is the gardening of the soul. We endeavour to create the perfect climate and environment in our psychological functioning, from which beautiful actions may grow. If we tend to the soil through philosophical understanding, but also...
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Reflection by Umm e Maham  Our way of seeing life determines our experience with life. The perception that we have of the world around us could either be contending, rooted in the ideology of “survival of the fittest”, or we could feel fullness within ourselves,...
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