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Zawia Ebrahim is a spiritual centre that is sufficiently equipped with modern day facilities and is able to accommodate visitors for any length of time. We regularly receive visitors who would like a place to sleep after the weekly dhikr session on Saturdays, and we open our doors to all seekers of the truth who would like to immerse themselves in an experience that physically and mentally takes one away from the busyness of life in the material world.

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The busiest period where we receive stay-in visitors would be during our yearly gathering for two weeks at the end of summer in December. Our Tariqa who come to visit include brothers and sisters from all around South Africa, Pakistan, Singapore, UK, Australia, Namibia, the Comoros Islands, Malawi, Canada, and the USA.

Please contact us by using the contact form below to indicate your interest. We also deliver our guests to and from the airport if needed.

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The Zawia runs on donations from the Fuqara of the Tariqah & the Shaykh. You may also use the
contact form below to get in touch with us or to arrange for a contribution.

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A Visitor’s Account of Their Stay in Zawia Ebrahim

Alhamdulillah our stay at the Zawia this year was perfect in every way. Early morning prayers, reading Surah Waqiah, followed by a tafakkur meditation practice. Deliciously prepared meals, comfortable easy living conditions, exceptionally spotless amenities, great company, brilliant leadership in the form of Shaykh Ebrahim,wonderfully stimulating intense group discussions, “one on one with Shaykh Ebrahim”, energising circles of dhikr and Quran, coffee on the verandah, theme discussions, intense thought provoking inspirational heart to heart darses by Shaykh Ebrahim. It was the package needed to awaken and enliven a sleeping soul.

In South Africa the Zawia has got to be the most unique as a gathering place for Muslims and my prediction is that future December gatherings will cause the Zawia to burst at the seams Insha’Allah. In Shaykh Ebrahim we have a gem which up to now has been hidden from the world and once ‘discovered’ by the world we may not be able to enjoy the luxury of such a close personal relationship for much longer. In a discussion with a mureed during the week, we deliberated how admirable & visionary it was for one man to establish an institute like the Zawia with the sole purpose of being there to serve and uplift others unconditionally! May we always regard this contribution not only to Islam but to Humanity, in the highest form of reverence and admiration and not take this contribution for granted …ever.

Because in our world of Islam today, we have a multitude of talkers but very few contributors, visionaries and ‘uplifters.’ We have a host of Islamic intelligentsia clamouring for recognition in the Deen but in the process causing so much mayhem and disunity In Shaykh Ebrahim we have a simple humble servant with an extraordinary vision and who clearly lives by what he says viz: “Acting in the best interest of the other is acting in your own highest interest.”

So, an intense sincere note of gratitude to Shaykh Ebrahim for being such a generous host and servant. Also to Apa Tawheda for her kindness and warmest hospitality. To Sidi Kamardine for making our stay so comfortable seeing to all our needs. And to sister Naelah for supporting him and hosting us so warmly. May their kindness and generosity be rewarded in this world and the next. Insha’Allah aameen.

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