Zawia Ebrahim serves as a place for men and women facing a life crisis and/or are in search of guidance on the path. Zawia Ebrahim allows anyone to reside in the Zawia for as long as they need. Food and accommodation are completely free – as long as everyone staying at the Zawia partakes in the daily practices . These practices include:

  • 5 daily prayer in Jamaat in the Majlis
  • Afternoon qasida singing and Wird
  • Saturday Dhikr – (residents of the Zawia are also responsible for making food and boarding arrangements for the people who attend the Dhikr and want to stay over as well as making sure the premises are kept clean)

Zawia Ebrahim is legally registered as a Trust and spends on average around ZAR 55,000 (USD 3,760) every month on running the show. These monthly costs include: salaries of the ground staff, utilities, food, maintenance and repairs, and in general care and support of the residents.

Since last year, Zawia Ebrahim has been hosting on average around 10 people – Saturday Dhikr traffic has also increased immensely in the last couple of months – Alhamdulillah.

Zawia Ebrahim has also successfully run the Personal Excellence Programmes pro bono bi-yearly up until January 2020. During the Global Pandemic we stopped running live Personal Excellence at the Zawia and continued to run Personal Excellence Programmes online. Zawia Ebrahim is excited to announce that we are restarting the live Personal Excellence Programmes at the Zawia.

We request friends and fans of the Zawia – who have benefited from the work at the Zawia Ebrahim and who are able and willing to support the Zawia – to please donate below:

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