The Diwan of the Darqawa (Free)

This selection of songs from the Darqawi tradition has employed the standard transliteration characters used to communicate the Arabic letters not found in the English language.

The transliteration of the text has been employed as a means to bring the reader as close as possible to the correct pronunciation of the Arabic, as these songs are sung regularly in gatherings throughout the world. Therefore the transliteration in this text is not employed for normal reading, but is employed in an active sense, i.e. the reader is reciting the songs and litanies in the original Arabic language via the means of the transliteration.

To bring the transliteration as close to the original Arabic as possible we have used phonetics as well as transliteration. We have also assumed a basic understanding by the reader of the pronunciation of the unique sounds and letters of the Arabic
language not found in English.

In addition, the transliteration characters should be memorised for correct recitation, in order to gain full benefit from the text.

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