Zawia Discourses


In this captivating collection of essays, Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema invites readers on a journey of self-reflection and spiritual awakening.

Through the exploration of themes such as gratitude, human frailty and suffering, and our engagement with one another and the world, these essays invite you to reexamine your life to see it for what it is: a love letter to you from your Rabb.

This anthology encourages you to transform your lens of the world from one of resentment to one of gratitude. It offers profound wisdom and insights, which will help you see through the veils and find the Majesty of your Lord in each moment. Each essay is a transcription of a dars (a lesson) delivered by Shaykh Ebrahim.

Each dars was delivered after a session of dhikr (remembrance of Allah), when everyone present was in a deep state of stillness.

These dars are never prepared or rehearsed. Instead, they are a spontaneous response by the Shaykh to a theme that becomes apparent to him in the deep silence following the dhikr.

Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a practitioner of Sufism, or simply someone seeking guidance in the journey of life, this collection is an important read to help you navigate your human experience, find meaning in your life, and deepen your connection to Allah.

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The Zawia Discourses by Etsko Schuitema


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