Transformation: A Discussion with Shaykh Ebrahim Compiled by Shahpur Jamall (Free)


There are no coincidences.

That is one of the many lessons I’ve learned from the man who I have come to see as my mentor, teacher and friend.

As a school teacher and later principal, I had avoided seminars and training sessions related to business with an almost snobbish attitude.

But for some reason when I received an invitation to attend a two-day workshop in April 2004 on leadership entitled “The Care and Growth Model ”, I felt a compulsive urge to take the time out from what were in those days very busy school days to attend. And so, I did.

It was without doubt a life changing event, not just because of what I learned in those two days, but because of the relationship that was formed in that conference hall of the Marriott Hotel.

Part of the introduction to the workshop said that “it was a leader’s job to create an environment where people worked because they wanted to work, rather than because they had to work”. That resonated with my approach to leadership very deeply.

The workshop was conducted by Etsko Schuitema. “Etsko” as he is known in the corporate world, runs a management consultancy company in South Africa.

He first earned his reputation, and perfected his model, by solving a management-union crisis in the gold mining industry. He now also consults in 5 numerous countries in Africa, Europe and Asia, and conducts an annual course at Cambridge University.

I was enthralled by what I learned regarding management at the two-day workshop. The themes included attention, intention, making a contribution and the leader’s role of bringing out the best in his team using Care and Growth.

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