The false prophets of status and high living
Would never tell you the secret of giving

They tell you money can buy everything
And what it can’t buy isn’t worth anything

Take it all and give nothing in return
It is your right, and this is how you earn!

But we know of a different story
that was told by the Owner of Glory

It is the Law that was not made by men
It is written with an unfailing Pen

If you take and don’t give you will fall,
But if you give and don’t demand, you get it all

And we know for a fact that it is true,
And if you try it you will reallize it too

Your self is a lasting provision
You can expend it without diminution

If you trust us you will finally find out
that this is what your life is all about

Eternal love has realized its intent
Only a fool can deny and pretend.

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