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Many people are in a fix about how to deal with the very complex issue of giving to beggars of all ages and genders that are literally flooding the streets of Karachi – or any other present-day rural mendicant scene anywhere. The gist of the confusion lies in the awareness that there are so many...
786 Choose Your Pick By Abu Faydan If you have come to pick a fight, Your place to go’s perhaps the zoo. If you have come to pick my faults, They’re far too much, you won’t get through. If you have come to pick my grains, Don’t even bother, there are too few. If you...
Every time Shaytan succeeds in conning some kafir moron into publicly exposing their spite and venom, there is invariably a fall-out of a wide spectrum of emotions ranging from ‘righteous anger’ and rational appeals for calm and restraint to outright blind, indiscriminate violence. And along with these reactions controversies unfold among the Muslims over the issue of what is...
Charity – the Endangered Virtue By Muhammad Harun The other day, I was driving home from my teaching job, still caught up in thoughts of whether it was my method of instruction, or my students’ approach to learning that badly needed improvement. My driver stopped at a traffic light, and a man came up to...
Since I became a Muslim in 1975 and settled in this country (Pakistan), I have been asked over and over again, how my conversion came about, mainly by my Muslim brothers and sisters who were astonished that someone who had been raised in the socio-economic comfort of a wealthy western nation should give up that...
“Tie your camel and trust in Allah”, that is what the Noble Prophet – salla_llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – told the Bedouin. How should we view success and failure in Islam?
Ramadan is, as a matter of fact, all about breaking habits. This is the real and inner meaning of fasting, because by breaking habits we deprive ourselves of certain indulgences, apart from the satisfaction of our physical needs, which have virtually become part of our nature.
Our nafs (self or soul) is the greatest gift from Allah to us, and at the same time our deadliest enemy. Rather it is an amanah that Allah has entrusted us with, so we must honor and appreciate it, but also fight and subdue that aspect of it, which will cause our ruin, if we...
Should I… or shouldn’t I? How many times have we asked ourselves this question, or put it to someone of sound judgment, when we set out to do something we were unsure of?
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