i knew who i was
where i was
when i was with You
then you took away all
but a flicker of this knowing
blind folded
and left me out
all alone
in a long, dark night

lost and unconscious
trapped in my self
the knowing that was i
buried deep,
deep somewhere
in layer upon layer of darkness

this flicker
blazed sometimes
when i saw
the face of one i loved
with a love that choked thought
made me forget

this flicker
flared up sometimes
when i stood enchanted
by the quietest of lakes
in the heart of a red-earth mountain
filled with awe
that felt like unspeakable terror
made me tremble
made me shake

this flicker
became a torch, a light
when a verse of poetry
a verse of prayer
squeezed and wrenched
and tore my heart
made me yearn for something
i could not name

the night is still dark
the flicker a flame
dancing ahead
playing hide and seek
with each step that i walk
towards this light
the path behind
closes forever
even if i wanted
there is no way back
and ahead
the night is my path
stretched out

speak to me
give me a sign:
call out my name

call out my name!


28th May 2010. For more contemporary sufi poetry in english, please visit Sufi Poetry English.

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