Al Mathal Al ‘Ala – A Commentary on As-Salat al Mashishiyyah


The Salat al Mashishiyyah, is well known in the Western regions of the Islamic World and is a regular part of the invocative traditions of the Shadhiliyyah Sufi Order whose founder, Abul Hasan Ash-Shadhili was the spiritual successor of the ‘author’ of this prayer, Mawlai Abd as Salam Ibn Mashishi − may Allah sanctify their secret and fill their graves with light.

By the testimony of Mawlai Abd as Salam, the wording of this particular salutation was vouchsafed to him by the Noble Prophet Muhammad himself during a mystical encounter with him, and as such, this prayer takes a very special place and rank among the innumerable benedictions, tributes and invocations dedicated to the Messenger of Allah – Allah’s Blessing and Peace abound with him forever.

By virtue of its teaching content, it is a pearl of incomparable luster from the treasure troves of the gnostic legacy of the Prophet, and anyone who recites it regularly with sincere devotion cannot but derive great spiritual benefit from it.

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