the rustling of trees was frenzied
like naughty children being hushed loudly
the wind was no longer friendly
but rough and unpredictable

bird chatter held notes of panic
notes of warning
their flight across the sky
as the wind, a former ally
now struck hard
against their delicate wings

a striped cat
walked across the garden
the music
of its movement intact
anxiety visible
only in finely balanced

the wind whipped
enormous tree branches
into creatures possessed
in large dramatic circles
like participants
at a poetry recital
with the heady mixture
of verse and wine

dark clouds swooped in
from the west
an army of enormous creatures
with irregular, diaphanous wings
menacing, unstoppable

carried by their brave,
determined energy
to pour themselves out
someplace else


6th June 2010. For more contemporary sufi poetry in english, please visit Sufi Poetry English.

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