July 2013


Iqraa: The 1st discourse featured in The Millenium Discourses, a collection of discourses given by Shaykh Ebrahim that they were recorded in 2000 and 2001.
The first virtue which is the parent of all virtues is gratitude. Why this should be the case becomes apparent when you consider the opposite. The first vice, which is the parent of all vices is ingratitude and resentment. If I am convinced that the world has done me in, and that what I have...
One of the many devices on our path that we use in order to clarify our intent and to polish our hearts so that we could experience the proximity of the Rabb is remembering the proximity of death. By definition, for the living, the proximity of death will always be a reasonably speculative idea, because...
Three weeks ago when I was en route to Bangkok for business, I was sitting at the airport about to board, in the departure lounge, and I was taking one last look at my emails and there was a very strange mail – a one-liner – from somebody I had not met and hadn’t heard...